Candid Photography

Special moments deserve special attention. With wedding candid photography services, every portrait will tell a story of its own. The alluring wedding candid portrait photography captures magical moments which are not noticed by others but by our efficient photographers. VJ Photography ensures all kind of wedding candid photography services during the event. Capturing memorable candid moments while the bride and groom are busy lost into each other’s eyes.

Couple Photography

Creative and professional candid photographers from VJ Photography will ensure some exclusive candid moments captured in their lenses of the couple which will instantly bring a smile on their faces. Be it a light banter, a walk through the empty road or a romantic stare, VJ Photography accurately seizes that moment and preserves it in the photo album which will later on be cherished forever. The special moments of the couple deserve special attention and with couple candid photography that can be ensured.

Bridal Photography

While the bride is lost in her thoughts during her makeup or the bride’s friends are regaling and whispering things to her, VJ Photography never misses out on those unnoticed yet special moments. Focusing on the bride’s favorite moments during the wedding when she is busy with others, the bridal candid photography services are on-point. With the professional bridal candid photography, the candid photographers effectively capture those overlooked expressions which will be treasured by the bride forever.